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NEWS: The Emaverick Team wins the 2nd place at the European MAV competition and impresses the jury! (17.09.2009)


  On September 17 2009, we participated in the European Micro Aerial Vehicle Competition, which takes place every year in Delft (Netherlands).
The competition consisted in having a small helicopter entering and exiting from small apartment (see picture below) in a fully autonomous manner.

Our team was the only autonomous team over the 8 participating teams! Furthermore, it was the only team using only a single camera to control the helicopter. Conversely all the other teams used remote control.

The autonomy of the helicopter and the use of solely vision impressed the jury and gave us the 2nd place.
We missed the 1sr place just because the size of the helicopter was a penalizing factor according to the rule used in the competition. Because of the autonomy of our platform and the use of solely vision, we were asked to give a public demo at the end of the competition day.

We would also like to congratulate our colleagues from ETH's Computer Vision Group for scoring 1st in the competition. ETH Zurich could show significant progress in the MAV field with this double.

NEWS: Watch our demo video demostrating autonomous and fully vision based autonomous take-off, hovering, set-oint following, and landing using a single camera with which we participated in the EMAV09 competition! (04.08.2009)

Description of the EMAV competition

The EMAV is a flight competition of autonomous micro-flying vehicles that will take place on September 17 in the Technical University of Defth (Netherland) during the annual EMAV conference.

What we want to do

The tasks we want to demonstrate during the competition are the following:

  • Fly into and out of a small house (see figure below)
  • Recognise patterns (a face on the wall, a letter in the floor, and the landing area)
  • Pick up a small object
  • Performing a precision landing

Depending on the level of autonomy of the platform, we will get scores accordingly.

Have a look at the website of the EMAV competition for more details.

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