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We offer several Master, Bachelor, ans Semester Theses in the framework of flying robots. Some of these projects are listed below. If you choose any of these projects, please contact the first assistant of the project!

Available Student Projects

(SA = Semester, BA Bachelor, MA = Master, SoM = Studies of Mechatronics)


CFD Study on Micro Helicopter Rotor Setups - Type: SA/BA/MA/SoM

The propulsion system on micro-helicopters is often limited by the low aerodynamic efficiency of its small radius propellers. The goal is to do a CFD study… read more52-medium.jpg

Design, production and commissioning of a coaxial rotor test rig - Type: BA/MA

The coaxial rotor configuration is the one most commonly used in the domain of mini and micro helicopters. In combination with a stabilizer bar, these… read more 88-medium.jpg

Design, production and integration of a pickup mechanism for an MAV - Type: SA/BA

At the European Micro Aerial Vehicle Conference and Flight Competition (EMAV) 2009, the ASL sends a vehicle to the indoor autonomy mission. Among other… read more 95-medium.jpg

Development of a Flapping Wing Mechanism - Type: SA/BA

This Project aims at the development of a bio-mimetic propulsion mechanism for a Flapping Wing Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV) to be designed at ASL. This… read more 96-medium.jpg

Development of a micro GPS module for robotic helicopters - Type: BA/MA

The goal of this project is to develop a GPS module for the 3rd generation of CoaX. The idea is to select an OEM GPS receiver from the market and build… read more


Fusing IMU and VISION for micro helicopter position control - Type: MA

The Autonomous Systems Lab has developed a series of autonomous mini-helicopters in the last few years, with the objective to achieve maximum autonomy of… read more 74-medium.jpg

Interfacing a Virtual Reality Environment with Matlab - Simulink - Type: BA/MA/SoM

The goal of this project is the integration of a sophisticated open-source virtual reality library into the Matlab/Simulink package using COM-technology. The… read more91-medium.jpg

iPhone-Robot Command Interface: A Case Study - Type: SA/BA/MA

The project's objective is to evaluate and demonstrate means of commanding and monitoring a robot through iPhone-based applications, therefor making use of… read more52-medium.jpg

Measurements and Optimization on Coaxial Rotor Configurations - Type: SA/BA/MA/SoM

The coaxial rotor configuration is often used on micro-helicopters, since it is very compact and all the produced thrust is acting in the direction of…

read more99-medium.jpg

SoM: From Kamov’s first design to Micro Aerial Vehicles – a survey on coaxial helicopters - Type: SoM

Coaxial helicopters are rather nonstandard in the full scale helicopter domain, while they are widely used as Mini and Micro Aerial Vehicles. We want to have…

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Ongoing Student Projects

MAV control using visual features - Type: BA

The task of controlling a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) in its 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) is challenging. Some solutions were made to control 4 DoF (i.e. the attidute including roll, pitch, yaw and the altitude)…

read more

IMU / Vision fusion: an alternative approach - Type: BA

The goal of this project is to implement an algorithm which fuses the odometric pose estimation of the IMU with the pose estimation of a standard visual pose…

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MAV Hovering Using a Visual SLAM Approach - Type: BA

The goal of this project is to implement a control algorithm on a helicopter which allows to hover on a given position in a map of 3D point clouds. The idea…

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MAV Obstacle Avoidance Using Optical Flow - Type: BA

The goal of this project is to implement a control algorithm on a helicopter which allows simple reactive obstacle avoidance using OF measurements. The idea…

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