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Our Cool Videos!

Our skills

At the ASL lab we have gained large competence in the design of micro-aerial vehicles. During the last years we have built several prototypes like the OS4 (quadrototr), Coax_2, and the muFly (the last two are coaxial).


Watch our demo video demostrating autonomous and fully vision based autonomous take-off, hovering, set-oint following, and landing using a single camera with which we participated in the EMAV09 competition!

In the video below you can see the OS4 performing automtic take-off and landing, altitude controlo, and sonar based obstacle avoidance.

In the video below, you can see our Coax_2 doing automatic altitude and attitude control

A recent video of the Coax2

In the video below, you can see our muFly prototype during a test flight

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