This page is done to know a little bit more of the team of the robotics at the EFPL.

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Roland Siegwart
Tries to hold the entusiastic and fantastic team on track.

[Project Leader]
[Skills] = Team Building, Funding search, Robotics consulting, event organising.

Kai Arras

PHD cand., working on advanced multi-hypothesis robot navigation and map building, scenography and time-dilated programming.

[Navigation Responible]
[Skills] =Mobile robots, Navigation
, Robotics map building, Localisation.

Daniel Burnier
Expert in hardware design, protel PCB design and mechanical systems. Is also an important guy for all the students doing their semester project in our lab.
[Hardware mounting]
[Skills] = Security managing, structure assembling, cabling, connections.

Marc De Battista

After beeing in Australia, swimmed with crocodiles and done some Image processing, he decided to come in our lab to add localisation capabilities to the robot.
[Navigation with camera]
[Skills] = Xoberon programming, navigation of robots, and images feature extraction.

Froidevaux Gilles
Graduated in Microengineering in 2001.Comes not far from Neuchâtel (our arteplage).His diploma was about arm robot action.
[Face Tracking]
[Skills] = Face tracking using skin color, using MS visual C++ and borland, adding iintellingence to the robot.

Xavier Greppin
Freshly diplomed in microtechnic, Originary from the jura, Movelier downtown. Made his diploma project on the robot insecte II @ ASL.
[Face movements]
[Skills] = Designing electronics, microprogramming and C++ programming for the control of the face.

Björn Jensen
Graduated in control engineering, TU-Darmstadt, Germany in 1999. Fascinated by artificial inteligence and mobile robotics.
[nteraction Responible]
[Skills] = C++, XOberon

Antoine Lorotte
Graduated in MicroEngineering in 2001. Comes from France, he has done his diploma project on a new concept of domotics "Domos".
[Domotic System - Central System]
[Skills] =Borland master of puppets: Threads, dll's, timers, multithreading, domotics integration.

Mathieu Meisser
Freshly diplomed in microtechnic, Originary of the swiss italian part of the switzerland. Made his diploma project on the robot insecte II @ ASL.
[Speech Out - Speech IN]
[Skills] =microprogramming (PIC), programming dll's (C) and borland interface.Design of posters and this web page.

Ralph Piguet
his experience in electronics, harware design and low level programming is very important for all the lab, he knows every instruction in every module.
[Hardware Responsible]
[Skills] =Harware Design, PCB, connections,low level programming (PIC)

Roland Philippsen
Ing. Microtechnique Dipl. EPFL
Has a long-standing fascination with robots, working on a PhD and the expo project (great for promotion!).
[Obstacle Avoidance]
[Skills] = Besides snowboarding, cooking and meeting people? Well, Linux administration and programming most of the time, XOberon programming once the code can finally control the robot

Guy Ramel
Freshly diplomed in physics, Originary of Geneva. Made a diploma in astrophysics and an engineer project in neural network.
[Multimodal in/out]
[Skills] = interaction beetween human beeings and robots, speech recognition, ....

Gregoire Terrien
Ing. Microengineering Dipl. EPFL.
I'm another big child having fun playing with robots.
[Hardware Design]
[Skills] =Versatility. Designing mechanical systems, adding motors and electronics and
finally control them with a low level / high level software.

Nicola Tomatis
Dr. in tech. sc. since few seconds he is firstly a mad scientist (computer scientist) who likes playing with radio controlled cars (mobile robots).

[Software Management]
[Skills] = Software, Mobile Robotics.

Laetitia Mayor
Graduated in MicroEngineering in March 2002. Her diploma project was "Improving the Expressiveness of Mobile Robots".
[Robot Behavior]
[Skills] = Human robot interaction, scenario implementation, C++ and S.O.U.L. programming, a huge sense of humor (a real necessity to work with all those guys...)

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