Visual/Inertial Datasets

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New 2013 We provide datasets containing camera images and inertial measurements. All sensors are well calibrated and synchronized. Most datasets provide 6D or 3D ground truth.

Datasets and calibration data are provided in ASCII format and as ROS bag files. Download documentation and C++ / MATLAB tools for easy access to the data.

Contact us if you have any further questions.

Visual/inertial sensor hardware used for data capturing.

Cameras 4x Global Shutter Aptina MT9V034
IMUs 1x ADIS16488 (3D Accelerometer, 3D Gyro, 3D Magnetometer, Pressure); Factory calibrated. 1x MPU6000 (low-cost 3D Accelerometer, 3D Gyro). etc.
Synchronization Hardware-synchronized. Pre-triggering to center camera frames (shutter half-time = sync).
Calibration Camera intrinsics and extrinsics, camera-IMU, IMU intrinsics (scale and misalignment).

List of all Datasets

Environment Acquisition Ground Truth Difficulty Comment Illustration
Checkerboard 1 office handheld, smooth 6D (Vicon) - for calibration
Checkerboard 2 office handheld, smooth 6D (Vicon) - for calibration
Checkerboard 3 office handheld, smooth 6D (Vicon) - for calibration
Static 1 office static, no motion 6D (Vicon) - to determine IMU noise parameters
Handheld 1 office, features handheld, smooth 6D (Vicon) easy
Handheld 2 office, features handheld, rapid 6D (Vicon) medium
Handheld 3 office, semi empty handheld, erradic 6D (Vicon) hard
ETH CLA Building 1 office, corridors, stairs handheld, smooth floor plans hard 200m indoor loop
ETH Armasuisse Thun office, stairs helmet mounted floor plans medium
Prius 1 Zurich urban regular car drive DGPS hard xm outdoor loop
Narcea 1 industrial boiler handheld Leica TS 3D hard wall scanning
Mock-up 1 boiler mock-up quad-rotor Vicon 6D medium hovering
StarlETH 1
Synthetic Loops 1synthetic environment handheld full ground truth easy
Synthetic Handheld 1synthetic environment handheld full ground truth easy synthetic equivalent to Handheld 1
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