AtlantikSolar 81-hour solar-powered flight dataset

for the JFR 2016 publication:

P. Oettershagen, A. Melzer, T. Mantel, K. Rudin, T. Stastny, B. Wawrzacz, T. Hinzmann, S. Leutenegger, K. Alexis, R. Siegwart, “Design of small hand-launched solar-powered UAVs: From concept study to a multi-day world endurance record flight”, Journal of Field Robotics (JFR), 2016.




This is the dataset recorded from July 14th - 17th 2015 during AtlantikSolar's continuous solar-powered flight of 81-hours total duration. More details on the flight can be found in the JFR publication and at


Dataset Information

Overall information:
Firmware Custom Pixhawk firmware. Based on git commit #97a1410 (Nov 12th 2014) from
Log Application sdlog2
Log length 645435 data entries (296074 seconds)
Rate ~2Hz
Value names See section below

Pixhawk log-time to local-time conversion:

Event PX4 Log time [s] Local time (approximate)
Log start 981s 09:08 (July 14th)
Launch 2449s 09:32 (July 14th)
Landing 295626s 18:56 (July 17th)
Log end 297055s 19:20 (July 17th)


Datafield description

The datafields are generated by a Pixhawk firmware that was extended in the context of this JFR publication. As a result, the majority of the datafields are standard Pixhawk sdlog2 datafields. Please refer to the respective documentation, e.g. at, for more information about these standard fields. Note: Should it happen that the sdlog2 datafield format was changed (through a firmware change), then please refer to the respective documentation or code for the git-commit that this dataset was generated with (given in the "Dataset Information" section).

The datafields that are custom to our specific firmware are given in groups below. They are mainly centered around our custom-designed flight controllers (called ASLCTRL) and sensors. Only the variables that are relevant for common flight analysis tasks will be described here, the internally logged values of the flight controller will not be explained. The exact configuration and tuning parameters (i.e. group ASAS_ for the SAS tuning, ACAS_ for the CAS tuning, AHL1_ & AHL2_ for the guidance logic tuning, ...) and state estimator internal variables (group EKFS_ and EKFV_) will also not be explained in detail. If you need information on such internals, feel free to contact the authors directly.

Note that curled braces "{}" are used to represent multiple sensors.

Flight Controller Important Configuration Parameters
AHL1_v_N    [m/s] Nominal airspeed
AHL1_v_Mi [m/s] Minimum airspeed
AHL1_v_Ma    [m/s] Maximum airspeed
AHL1_hMa    [m] Maximum allowed altitude AMSL
AHL1_hMi    [m] Minimum allowed altitude AMSL
AHL2_plmi    [deg] Minimum pitch angle reference allowed in guidance logic
AHL2_plma    [deg] Maximum pitch angle reference allowed in guidance logic
AHL2_thrmi    [] Minimum throttle allowed
AHL2_thrma    [] Maximum throttle allowed
AHL2_thrc    [] Cruise throttle


Flight Controller Data  
ASLD_dt [us] Time since last execution of controller
ASLD_mode    [-] Control mode (0=Manual, 1=SAS, 2=CAS, 5=AUTO)
ASLD_h    [m] Altitude AMSL
ASLD_hR    [m] Altitude reference AMSL
ASLD_hR_t    [m] Time-smoothed altitude reference AMSL
ASLD_P    [rad] Pitch angle
ASLD_PR    [rad] Pitch angle reference
ASLD_PR_CT    [rad] Pitch reference including corrections for coordinated turns
ASLD_q    [rad/s] Body q-rate
ASLD_qR    [rad/s] Body q-rate reference
ASLD_uE    [-] Elevator command (output)
ASLD_uT    [-] Throttle command (output)
ASLD_uT2    [-] Throttle #2 command (output)
ASLD_TAS_R    [m/s] Airspeed reference
ASLD_bSpoil    [-] Spoilers engaged by autopilot (0=no, 1=yes) ?
ASLD_Y    [rad] Yaw Angle
ASLD_YR [rad] Yaw Angle reference
ASLD_R    [rad] Roll angle
ASLD_RR    [rad] Roll angle reference
ASLD_p    [rad/s] Body p-rate
ASLD_pR    [rad/s] Body p-rate reference
ASLD_r    [rad/s] Body r-rate
ASLD_rR    [rad/s] Body r-rate reference
ASLD_uA    [-] Aileron command (output)
ASLD_uR    [-] Rudder command (output)


Maximum Power Point Tracker Data
MPPT_t    [us] MPPT timestamp
MPPT_Cur{X} [A] MPPT {X} input current
MPPT_Volt{X} [V] MPPT {X} input voltage
MPPT_PWM{X} [-] MPPT {X} modulation (PWM) state
MPPT_Stat{X} [-] MPPT {X} system state


Power Sensor Data
POWS_t    [us] Power sensor timestamp
POWS_Main_Volt    [V] Main system voltage
POWS_Main_Cur    [A] Main system current (total current)
POWS_Cur1    [A] Auxiliary current sensor 1
POWS_Cur2 [A] Auxiliary current sensor 2


Battery Monitoring System Data
BAT{X}_t    [us] Battery monitor {X} timestamp
BAT{X}_Temp    [1/10*K] Battery monitor {X} temperature
BAT{X}_V_bat    [mV] Battery monitor {X} voltage
BAT{X}_I_bat    [mA] Battery monitor {X} current
BAT{X}_SoC    [%] Battery monitor {X} state of charge
BAT{X}_status    [-] Battery monitor {X} status
BAT{X}_SN    [-] Battery monitor {X} Serial Number
BAT{X}_hostfetctrl    [-] Battery monitor {X} FET status
BAT{X}_V_{Y} [mV] Battery monitor {X} cell voltage {Y}


Atmospheric sensor data
ATMO_ambTemp   [°C] Atmospheric / Ambient Temperature



Click here to download a zip-file containing the dataset (Matlab-readable .mat-file).


Further information

In case of questions, please contact the authors at philipp[dot]oettershagen[at]

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