Datasets based on extended multi–robot field trials within the framework of the ICARUS Project public demonstration at the area of Marche-en-Famenne during September 2014. A video indicative of the tests is found here.

The dataset contain point clouds from the area of Marche-en-Famenne in Belgium. The following specific datasets are provided:

Following this URL, direct navigation on the file list is provided. Further information are found within our Journal of Field Robotics manuscript.

Employed Camera Systems:

The following camera systems were utilized:

How to load the Point-clouds:

Loading the point-clouds provided here is a meaningful way to assess the quality of the inspection data. Indeed there exist multiple software solutions that allow processing. Among them, MeshLab and PointCloudViz are free-of-charge software available for all major operating systems. Most of the point-clouds are relased in the form of *.PLY files while one is relased in the form of a *.LAS file.


Upon final release of the datasets, permission is provided to copy this data and use them for your own research. Inclusion of rendered images or video made from this data in a scholarly publication (printed or electronic) is also permitted. In all cases citation of the referenced work is requested.


For any further information, do not hesitate to contact Kostas Alexis

Important note:

These datasets are currently related with the aforementioned paper which is being considered for publication. Therefore, the authors will do their best to not further circulate this dataset while the review process holds.

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