ASL DokuWiki Starter Kit

Don't panic!

Further steps:

  1. Configurations
    1. Click on the right top symbol with the hammer and login with user “admin” and password “AslKoze”.
    2. Click again on the symbol, but go to the Admin page.
    3. Go to Configuration Settings.
    4. Change Wiki title to the title of your website.
    5. Go to the bottom of the page and save.
    6. Click on the symbol with the cogwheel and click on Show page to go back.
  2. Change Header Image
    1. Click on the symbol with the cogwheel and click on Edit this page.
    2. Click on the symbol with the image (Add images and other files) to open the file manager.
    3. Click on the folder design on the left.
    4. There is a image called header.png If you overwrite it, you will change the header image. You can use header.svg to create your own image, e.g. using Inkscape.
  3. Create Pages
    1. Edit and create pages. If you are logged in you will see the page help on the left. There are brief instructions to edit the pages.

Have fun!


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